Hello & welcome to Earthly Mosaics

"So unique" are what most of our customers say about Earthly Mosaics tiles & mosaic inserts, & once you have had a look at our extensive range of mosaic tiles you will see why. All our tiles are hand made with love & definitely stand out from the crowd. In the online store you will find hand made mosaic tiles, mosaic inserts, plain coloured square mosaic tiles & huge range of shaped mosaic inserts, mosaic kits, glass inspirational tiles, Afrikaans inspirational tiles, wedding & family themed inspirational tiles, South Africa themed tiles, textured tiles, mosaic alphabet letter tiles, mosaic word tiles...too many to mention here. Pop over to the online store & have a look for yourself.

Each mosaic tile insert is lovingly made - for you the customer & lover of fine things & a small piece of our hearts goes out with each one. There is sure to be something within our collection for the varied & unique styles & tastes of all you mosaic artists out there. Once you are done, find us on FaceBook we love to hear from you!

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"